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About the ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness

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Introducing the ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness, an affordable harness with all the features you can think of! To ensure everyone finds what they are looking for, it comes in 4 sizes and 11 colors!

For added convenience and safety, the ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness includes an easy-to-grab handle, a thickened metal back D-ring for leash attachment, and an ID tag pocket on the front to keep tags quiet. It also features a loop for an LED light and has reflective lining all around the harness to enhance visibility during nighttime walks.

This harness features both front and back clips and is crafted from skin-friendly materials. The harness prioritizes the dog’s comfort with generously padded but breathable chest and back plates.

ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness Review

The ThinkPet No Pull Harness is a great-looking product with the option to choose from eleven bright colors. The LED light loop and the reflective edges make them all highly visible in a headlight from every angle.

The large handle is easy to grab but still light, preventing the harness from rotating to the side due to that. If you are doing off-leash hikes, it is always important to consider that a handle on the back can get stuck on something in the woods, but otherwise, the handle is a great addition.

The harness has a sturdy outer shell that has no issues, even when they are running through bushes. It features strong stitches that hold strong all around the harness for us after months of use. On the other hand, the plastic buckles feel weak, and I am not sure they will perform well in freezing temps, but we tested it over the summer, so I cannot yet talk about that. We did not run into the buckles breaking or opening while using the harness, but there is no information on the website on the weight testing or certification of the buckles.

The thick mesh padding is great for dogs with sensitive skin or hair that breaks easily. However, it can collect a surprising amount of water, mud, and dog hair. The thick material takes a long to dry and gets heavy when soaked with water. The thick padding is usually not great for summertime either, but this harness doesn’t cover too much of the dog, so I am less worried about the heat trapping under it.

There are two cons of this harness that I would like to highlight.

Firstly, the chest strap is designed to sit too close to the armpits.

Although Zulu is a hard-to-fit dog with her narrow build and deep chest, this harness seems to be in the armpits of most dogs regardless of body shape. This is a problem because it can cause rubbing and chafing in the armpits over time. Also, if a harness doesn’t leave enough room for the legs to move back freely, it can restrict the dog’s movement, which can cause a change in their stride, resulting in joint issues down the road.

The second thing to note is that the front no pull ring is positioned too low to turn the dog effectively. Ideally, the ring sits over the chest bone, close to where the two neck straps meet. Otherwise, it just rotates and pulls up the harness, so most of the pulling force is on the inside of one of the front legs instead of the dog’s chest/side of the neck. This makes the difference between effectively turning the dog back towards you versus dragging out one leg to the side with the force of the pull, which can cause injuries and shoulder problems with determined pullers.

The exact position of the ring would be slightly different on dogs with a different build, and this will be more of a problem for some than others - but it will not be an ideal no-pull option for any. 

Functionality Review of the ThinkPet No Pull Dog Harness

  • No-pull correction: The no-pull front ring works reasonably well as the chest straps sit in Zulu’s armpits, not leaving much room for the harness to slide up or rotate. It would be more effective in turning the dog if placed approximately over the chest bone, not between the legs.
  • Running/Biking: This harness is not designed for pulling. A harness needs to allow free shoulder movement even if the dog runs next to you, and the leash attachment should be placed farther back for better pressure distribution when pulling.
  • Hiking: The handle was excellent to support Zu or to grab while letting others pass us on the trail butt on the other hand, the mesh padding soaks in water and takes a while to dry.
  • City walks: It works well as the leash attachment on the middle of the harness’ back gives good steering power, and you can use the handle for extra control as needed.

Review Summary

In summary, a huge aspect of this harness’s success is how it fits your dog. All harnesses fit different dogs differently, so it might be a better option for your dog than for Zulu. Zulu doesn’t have sensitive skin, so we didn’t run into issues with chafing, but I haven’t used it on long hikes where this could have become a problem.

The harness is well-made, and the outer material and stitching feel durable. It is a solid option in its price range - especially considering the many color options to choose from!

Easy to put on/adjust: all four straps have plenty of room for adjustment. The two chest straps have buckles, so it needs to go over their head.

Visibility: It comes in many bright colors, and all harnesses come with reflective piping that makes it extra visible in the dark. It also has a loop to attach lights.


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