Dog Vest Harness - Dog Harness with handle - Anti-Pull Function - AdventureMore

Dog Vest Harness - Dog Harness with handle - Anti-Pull Function - AdventureMore

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About AdventureMore Dog Vest Harness

Why dog vest harnesses are good for dogs?

We've discussed the pros and cons between dog leashes and dog collars, Read it here. I believe you have found the answer and provided your dog with the right gear. Me, I prefer a dog harness because my dog needs more control. However, I've found that some harnesses with thin straps and poor-quality padding may irritate the dog's skin, creating an uncomfortable wearing experience. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a dog vest harness which will help reduce stress on the puppy's neck and enhance the distribution of tension throughout the body for super comfort and extra safety. AdventureMore Dog Vest harness, soft yet durable, made of nylon and oxford material, no-pull function with front clip , and padded handles on the back for stable control in an emergency.

  • Lightweight, Soft, and Breathable.
  • Emergency Control Handle.
  • Anti-Pull Feature.
  • Quick On/Off System.
  • Pressure Distribution Design.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Functional Accessories: ID Pocket, LED Loop.
  • Why you will Choose AdventureMore Dog Vest Harness?

    Why you will Choose AdventureMore Dog Collar

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    AdventureMore Dog Vest Harness Size-Choosing, Wearing and Adjustment Instruction

    Customer Reviews

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    Dog harness has two adjustable straps for customized fit

    If you’re willing to spend a few minutes adjusting the straps, this dog harness will fit your dog perfectly. You can change the fit in two places: the neck and chest parts of the harness. The harness is durable nylon and has padded mesh comfort panels around the neck and under the chest. Two attachment points for the leash are on the back and under the neck (if you have strong pullers.) For convenience and in an emergency, there’s a grab handle to get a closer grip on your dog. The harness is attractive and practical.

    Dog in-between sizes hard to know what size to get

    I actually like the size of this harness. It looks bulky, but it's study. I have a 31 lb boston terrier, he is big for his breed. His front chest from behind arm to behind arm is 16". His chest girth (all the way around his ribs at his thickest) is 21". So I got the medium. I tighten all the straps as tight as can go but there is still a lot of wiggle room. Luckily he isn't one of those dogs that likes to get out of a harness, so it will work for me and him. But if he wanted to he probably could. I hope that he doesn't ever want to. 🤞 I feel like the small would be too small. I'm undecided on if I'm going to return it for a small.
    I love the padded handle to pick him up with! I now have a dog with a handle on him. I like the small stainless steel chain that came with. I hung it on the side and put his tag on it.

    Road Trip Worthy!

    I got this because I became increasingly concerned with the seatbelt arrangement for our dog that clipped onto her collar. I kept thinking if we got into an accident it might choke her. So I wanted to invest in some thing that was light and gave her some flexibility. This is awesome! In addition I got an extendable leash and Belt to go around my waist, and it makes for a really great set up for going for walks while we are traveling. And… It’s adorable.

    In addition sea seems quite comfortable. It works out well in the car because it gives her more flexibility to look around but it’s also safer in case we have to stop fast.

    Hard to size but nice.

    I have 2 dogs. Both Corgi mix so they're short and barrel chested. One measures about 23" around the chest so I initially bought 2 in size small going by the size chart. Well, even though the belly strap fit, the small was too tight at the neck/chest and I had to go up to a size M which is a tad too large but better than too tight and she's not the escape artist the other one is so I'm more worried about comfort. As for Houdini pup, the small works well for her and she's about 21" around the chest, however even tightened up to only the 2 fingers width of leeway at the belly strap and the neck/chest strap as tight as is comfortable she can easily back out of this thing. Thankfully she's usually pulling forward to get at things rather than my having to drag her so as long as I'm careful when she lags it's all good. I do wish I could shorten the neck strap on the medium just a tad and sure I could by sewing it a bit but I'm going to wait until after the winter months when they both wear their little fleece jackets under their harnesses as that may help with the fit some. All in all these are great harnesses. They don't rub either of my dogs' armpits raw like some have and we walk at least 2 miles daily with lots of me tugging them this way and that when they scent a deer or squirrel. My only concern is that while I like the handles on the back of them, as they allow the loop to slide and not rock the harness around so much, this won't work well in their raincoats (yes, they have raincoats) as the harness hole is small. I'm afraid this type of loop will either not fit or will tear the opening in the jacket. I'll probably have to use their old harnesses on rainy days just for this reason. If you have dogs who have sensitive armpits give these a try. Mine have had zero issues with chaffing and one of then has quite thin hair. Oh and the reflective stripes on these are wonderful! Very bright and pretty silver!

    Love the extra padding

    The padding around the belly strap is great! So few harnesses are actually soft on the belly and my dog always gets rubbed raw, but not with this one! It seems very durable and well made. I love the front hook, works great for no pulling! Pretty purple color too.

    My dog has a small front chest and a larger belly/girth. She is 55 lbs, and the Large fits her perfectly in the stomach (29" girth), but I did have to sew the straps shorter so that the front chest part fit against her tighter. The medium fit her better in the front, but was too tight on her belly. This seems to be a problem in any harness I try though, so I guess my dog's shape is just odd haha.

    (The Max and Neo 3 handle leash in purple matches this well).

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