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Benefits of Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

We recently discussed the topic related to elevated dog bowl and slanted dog bowls. next we introduce the slow food dog bowl, a dog bowl that adds a bunch of obstacles varies in different materials and shapes. slow feeder dog bowl is pet parents' scientific choice for fast eaters. if you check out previous articles, you know that eating fast can cause bloating, as know as gdv(gastric dilatation and volvulus), is a deadly disease for dogs. one of the main benefits is obvious - slow feeder dog bowls will cause dogs to eat at a slower rate, thereby reducing the risk of bloating and choking effectively, better in facilitating their digestive process. and, amid obstacles, trying to reach food can be a challenging and fun process for dogs, all of which can be mentally pleasurable. compared with other dog slow feeder, SuperDesign slow feeder dog bowl has only three simple pillars, which will reduce the difficulty of getting food. food-safe contact materials provide a healthy and fun feeding experience for your dog.

  • Slow Down Eating, Improve Health.
  • Foraging Instinct Satisfied
  • Food Contact-Safe Material
  • Easy to Pick-Up.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Why you will Choose SuperDesign Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

    Why you will Choose SuperDesign Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Kurt Parker
    Slows down fat cats and stress-eaters!

    Got this for my fat cat to slow her down. She's a nervous eater and scarfs food down when it's available, often puking as a result. We're pretty sure this has reduced her vomiting substantially, and she's even lost a bit of weight in the last few weeks.

    Purrfect for cats!

    I went through SO many slow feed bowls (ordered but not used) before we found this one. Some of them were way too big (though being touted as cat appropriate) and others were shockingly pointy and could have really caused damage to a small mouth. This one is the perfect size for all cats. My guy is a very large tabby and this bowl was just the right size. He gets a 1/4 cup of a small sized kibble twice a day so I needed a bowl where the food wasn't super spread out that it made it too frustrating for him and also wasn't so deep that his mouth/tongue couldn't get to it without knocking his teeth off the raised columns. As you can see from the picture his food fits very well. I also have a petite princess as well and she has eaten from it too without any concern. The columns are large enough to not cause damage and I love that they are blunted so that they don't poke their mouth or slip between their gums and teeth. And best of all, he now takes about 20 minutes to finish his food (and sometimes even stops and comes back later to finish!). I've seen a great reduction in bloat vomiting and his stools are passing much better due to better digestion. If you need a slow feed bowl for a cat (or tiny dog) you really needn't look any further!
    Customer image

    Go down a size that is recommended

    This bowl is much nicer than the old slow feeder my dog had. He is a 80lb lab and I got him the 4 cup bowl, which is I think what was recommended for him. I wish however that I got the 2.5. It’s way too big for the food he needs and takes up a lot of space.

    Recommended by my vet

    This is the perfect little bowl for my fur baby, Lil Man. He’s a chunky monkey, a 12lb Yorkie and this helps slow his eating down. He has a collapsing trach and does some chocking when excited or eating too fast. This has helped tremendously and was recommended by vet. It’s the perfect size for 1/4-1/2 cup servings of dry food and I add some chicken broth and cut up chicken. He’s one happy little pupper 🐾🐾

    Kevin Marshall
    Perfect for our gobbler!

    I read reviews on a lot of bowls, there are to many to choose from. I’m thankful for one of the previous reviews on this bowl that recommended not going with the super complicated bowls because it just took them too long to eat. I had my doubts, but was surprised. We have 12 week old Boxer pup, he my first of many that will not free feed so this is new to us. He doesn’t even chew the food, he inhales it. We’ve done two feedings with the new bowl now, I think it’s a little frustrating to him, but even the simplicity of this bowl has taken feeding time from less than a minute to more like 5 minutes. I’m thankful we went this one. I did get the larger bowl anticipating future meal quantities as an adult. Even the larger bowl is not huge.

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